Park City Gymnastics

Auburndale, NY 11360
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 Our program is designed to work with your child from 12 months old to college age.  We teach specific, technically proficient gymnastics progressions to all of our students.  This allows the students to build a solid foundation and then progress safely to the more complex skills.  With the younger students, we use obstacle courses to teach skills while keeping the students engaged with the stories that accompany the courses and the many colors and connections that the courses provide.  For our youngest children, we have Mommy and Me classes that utilize the presence of additional adults to assist the children and keep them moving safely.  As the children mature, we alter the teaching style to match their attention span.  These classes begin with a warm-up and then the students are broken up into groups that rotate to the different apparatuses.  For the children who want to do more, our competitive program provides them with additional time to prepare for competitions.