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Green Company B.toys

September 16, 2011

Macaroni Go Green Mission

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In my journey to be more "green" I came across a company called, B.toys. I knew I had seen them before, and I was right once I started reading up on the company.  They sell their line of toys at Target!  How exciting because I know sometimes shopping on-line is just not quick enough. 

I was lucky enough to have the wonderful makers of B.toys send to me a few great toys for review. Okideokie,a microphone with pre-recorded songs, an amplifyer and recorder. The Hellophone, which has become my 6 year old's favorite toy, this also has a recorder, (not too loud and obnoxious) sounds and songs and really cool colors and designs.  But what really drew me to this company was their adorable recycled packaging. Many of the packages double as gift boxes! How clever is that!?  And with each purchase of a toy $.10 is donated to “Free the Children”, the worlds largest network of children helping children through education. 

To find out more about B.toys and Free the Children visit them here.

To purchase these products you can visit online here or visit your local Target retailer.

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